Armenian Genocide Lie, Armenian Photo Fakery

Warning – might contain content that is not suitable for all ages.


1) Pyramid of skulls.Der Völkermord an den Armenien vor Gericht, Der Prozess Talaat Pascha, 1921/1922. The Massacre of Armenians, Ismail Rain, 1979, Iran. The image is presented as an evidence of the Ottoman barbarism.

Truth:The image is originally a painting of the Russian Painter Vasily Vasilyevich Vereshchagin. The Apotheosis of War, 1871. The image has nothing to do with 1915 and the Armenian question

2) A woman who had been slaughtered by Turks?

Truth: The picture belongs to a Jewish woman slaughtered by Nazi Arrow Cross Men Party during World War 2 in Hungary. It is an official historical evidence of the Jewish Holocaust, stolen by Armenians.

3) Heads decapitated by Turks?

Truth: The picture belongs to White Rose activitists that fought against Nazis in Germany during World War 2. They were sentenced to death and killed via guillotine by Nazi Germany.

4) Armenian women and children slaughtered by Turks?

Truth: Victims in the picture are Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenian bandits in Subatan district of Kars province on 25 April 1918. The picture was copied and presented as Armenian victims.

The same picture was also used as a fake propaganda poster background in official Armenian National Committee of America/Anca website.

5) Armenian women and children slaughtered by Turks again?

Truth: Victims in the picture are the Turkish women and children slaughtered by Armenians in Vagarir district of Erzincan province on 16 February, 1918. The original copy of the picture is in Turkish archives.

6) Armenians slaughtered by Ottoman soldiers. Turkish soldiers proudly posing with bodies of their Christian victims. For these Muslims, the Christians were like animals to be hunted.

Truth: The picture is from 1904.. The uniforms of the soldiers in the picture belong to Russian Cossack soldiers fighting in Russian Civil War after World War 1. The picture is not related to Ottoman soldiers and Armenians.

7) Turkish soldiers posing proudly with the decapitated heads of Armenian community leaders, 1915.

Truth: Victims in the picture are Bulgarians, beheaded by Serbs, 1905.

8) The Famous Starving Mother and Child Photo.

Truth: The photo is from a French propaganda book. Famine in Lebanon, French assistance to Lebanonese/people of Lebanon during the great war.

9) Heads of Christians, traditionally treated like trophies by the Turks.

Truth: The photo shows the heads of eight Armenians from the village Mahlam in Salmast/Iran. They were executed on 26 October 1898 by the instruction of the Ottoman government. They belonged to Tashnak, a social revolutionary Armenian political party which adopted terrorism as ideology. (The Droshak, Official News Organ of The Tashnak, 31 January 1899)

10) Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Truth: On the left side, the original picture of Atatürk, his personal signature included, 1924. On the right side, a child picture from World War 2 is added into the frame by Armenians who are well known at forging documents and lying to the general public