Contribution from ASAN to 100-year-old history

Documentary film “Chanakkala 100: Brother’s help” prepared by initiative of ASAN service and music clip “Turku of Chanakkala” have been presented today in Azerbaijan University of Languages.

Farid Sadykhli - chairman of ASAN Volunteers who organized the film gave speech about Chanakkala fight and mentioned the facts about glorious victory.

In his speech, MP of Milli Majlis, Ali Huseynli mentioned Chanakkala battle as one of the most important events of World War 1:  “In such a historical condition the only way for Osmanli empire was to show resistance and fight. The most prominent persons of Turkey – Anvar Pasha, Jamal Pasha and others fought in those battles. Azerbaijanis also helped their Turkish brothers. Some were joining the war, others were supporting with provision of oil and food. As a result, the Turks were those who triumphed and Tsar regime collapsed, since Antanta could not help to Tsar Russia. Later on, Turks lent their hand during genocide committed in Baku”. 

MP of the Parliament also suggested to investigate the events related to genocide of Circassians in May – anniversary of their genocide, since “Circassians is the common name for Caucasians”.  

In the end, singer Sevda Alakbarzade performed the music – “Turku of Chanakkala” and the documentary film as presented to attention of the audience. presents the clip: