Victims or perpetrators of the genocide?

A group of Armenian bandits, Ankara and Yozgat.

A group of the Hinchak volunteer bandsmen who took part in the fightings at Caucasus against the Ottoman

and who commited horrible crimes and atrocities amongst the Mohamedan population of devastated villages

and towns. (From the Armenian Daily “Azk” of March 2nd 1915)

Second Company of the Armenian Voluntary Hinchak Regiment “Yerissart Hayastan” (Young Armenia)

20th July 1915.

Some part of arms and bombs confiscated from the Armenians at Ada-Bazar.

A few of the Arms seized in the Central Sandjak of Sivas, also gendarmary uniforms, made specially by

Armenians, together with military trumpets and bombs

Arms taken from the Armenians at Trebizond.

Some of Arms taken from the Armenians at Ourfa.

Genderma officer Mustafa whose throat was cut by the Armenian bandits.

A group of Muslim women and children from Hizir İllias village, Diyarbakir, helpless and defenseless on

account of the absence of their husbands and male relatives serving in the Army, were, on July 23, 1915,

slaughtered at Mersin Dere, by means of daggers and shot by rifles in a most pitiless and horibble way

by an Armenian Band under the the notorious and well known bandit Hono.

Some of the arms taken from the Armenians in Malatya City.

Some bombs seized at Ada-bazar together with tools to manufacture them. A few influential leaders

of the Committee and some of its members whose duty is to make bombs and distribute them.

Those people were thrown in wells by the Armenians. Some parts of their bodies were cut into pieces by

axes. Found on February 10, 1918.

Two men whose eyes were scooped out by the Armenians in Odabasi district, Erzincan.

A Turkish women named Pakize who was raped and then killed by the Armenians in Erzincan.

Photo, taken on the spot, of some of Msulim victims assassinated with hachets by Armenians in the

village of Koollar.

Two Turks beheaded by the Armenians.

Turkish children strangled by the Armenians in Erzurum

Armenian atrocity against women and children. Those corpses were found in Mamahatun (Tercan).

Women and children killed by the Armenians in Hasankale

Women and children killed by the Armenians in Subatan Villiage.

Turkish children and women killed by the Armenians. Some of the women were killed by taking the babies

out from their wombs. Subatan, April 25, 1918.

Turkish soldiers killed by the Armenians violently in Kars.

Turkish people massacred by the Armenians with axes in Hasankale.

A Turkish man whose eyes were scooped out and killed by the Armenians.

Turkish children and women massacred by the Armenians in Bayburt.

The family of Mushtak Efendi massacred by the Armenians in the Odabashi Street, Erzincan.

Turkish people who were killed by torturing, their abdomens were burnt.