AzerTAc exposes next Armenian falsification

Armenians are using photos of the tragedy committed in Baku on January 20, 1990 in popularization of their so-called “genocide”.

Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency (AzerTAc) has exposed next Armenian falsification. The photo of Azerbaijanis killed during the “January 20” tragedy was attached to an article published in the newspaper “al-Istiqama” – the official media body of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq as victims of “Armenian genocide” as if committed a century ago. The same photo was shared on the facebook page of the organization`s Cairo committee which was established to mark the 100th jubilee of the so-called “Armenian genocide”.

It must be mentioned that that photo was taken by AzerTAc`s photo correspondent Ogtay Mammadov on January 20, 1990, and the original copy of the photo is in archive of the agency.

In fact, Armenians deny the “genocide” grounding it with such false “arguments”. Imagine, they speak at media about some age-old event using photo of “January 20” tragedy which 25 years ago went down in history of Azerbaijani people. Could be a big falsification than this?

It is not a first time that Armenians use such falsification. So called Armenian propagandists have used before photos of genocides committed in Shamakhi and Guba in 1918 and in 1992 in Khojaly against Azerbaijanis as if the signs of so-called “Armenian genocide”.

Armenian “media forgers” “specialized” in this sphere are not limited in cheating ordinary Armenians, who diseased or infected by “genocide”, and try to make international community to feel pity for their pseudo-tragedies, and to use it in their own insidious purposes. But, despite their all such efforts the truth always triumphs.