Gevorg Aslan: “Armenians didn’t have statehood”

The temple of Khudavang in the district of Kalbajar

N.S.Vartapetov: “(The Armenian church), armed with the Christian flag, all the time annihilated the peoples of the historical Albania and its integral part – Karabakh (Artsakh)” and “skillfully adapted to the historical situation, served the Sefevids, then the Russian Empire, as well as they served Byzantine, the Iranian Sassanids, the Arab caliphs and the Mongolians”. (N.S.Vartapetov, “Christian monuments of Transcaucasus”).

K.Patkanov, the famous Armenian historian, the Armenian scholar: “the Armenians have never played a particular role in the history of mankind. It is not a political term, but the name of a geographical province with scattered Armenian settlements. The Armenians have always been bad owners of lands, where they lived, but they could skillfully served the strong and betrayed the people close to them…”. (“Van inscriptions and its meaning for Front Asia”, 1875.). Gevorg Aslan, the famous Armenian historian: Armenians didn’t have statehood. They are not related with sense of homeland and are not bounded by political ties. Armenian patriotism is only linked with the place of residence”. (G.Aslan, “Armenia and Armenians”, 1914).

From the book “I came, I saw, … I stole” (Baku -2010)