Armenian Terrorism In France

«Dashnaktsutyun», ASALA, «3rd October organization», GNCHAK, «Group of Armenian troops for genocide» and other terrorist organizations of Armenia committed terror not only in France but also in Rome, Beirut, and Germany.

Just 30 years ago, Armenian militants terrorized France and French institutions abroad. Unfortunately, at the present, French choose not to recall that bitter past. The French choose to forget those Turkish diplomats killed in the country, don`t remember that «humane» French man, who pushed a Turkish diplomat out to the street when he tried to hide in the French man’s cafe from ASALA assassins (On March 4, 1981 a group of ASALA terrorists attacked three Turkish citizens on one of streets of Paris. One of them was the Attaché of the Embassy for Labour Issues, Roshatu Morali. Trying to escape from the murderers, he ran into the cafe but the cafe owner pushed him out to the street, so that the terrorists were able to kill him). Cafe owner didn`t know him personally. For a tolerant European it was enough he was not his race. That was enough not to give him a refuge. In France, they also choose not to remember the terrorists who were arrested, convicted for a short period of time, and released too early.
Here’s a partial list of attacks organized by Armenian terrorists in France:

* October 14, 1975 Paris

The Turkish Ambassador in France Ismail Erez was killed in his own car near the embassy by Armenian terrorists. Driver of the Ambassador Talip Yener was also killed in the attack.

* November 18, 1979

Three bomb explosions at the offices of Turkish Airlines, the Dutch airline KLM, and the Germany’s Lufthansa airlines in central Paris. Two policemen were injured in the attacks.

* December 22, 1979 Paris — Turkish Embassy’s Tourism Attaché Yilmaz Holpen was killed by Armenian terrorist while walking in the Champs-Élysées.

* May 19, 1980 Marseilles – an explosive rocket that was installed by the Armenian terrorists was found and deactivated. It had been aimed at Turkish Consulate in this city.

* August 5, 1980 Lyon – two Armenian terrorists stormed the Turkish Consulate in Lyons and demanded from the doorman to show them the location of the consul. Then they opened fire, killing two people and wounding a few.

— The Press Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Paris, Seljuk Bakalbashi was wounded by the Armenians terrorists while entering his home. He survived, but due to the type of wounds he became paralyzed.

* October 13, 1980 Paris – As a result of explosion, the building of the Swiss Bureau on Tourism was damaged. The terrorist group, calling themselves “3rd October Organization” assumed the responsibility.

* November 9, 1980 Strasbourg – Due to the explosion the building of Turkish Consulate was badly damaged.

* January 14, 1981 Paris — A bomb exploded in the car of Ahmet Erdeyli, the financial adviser of the Turkish Embassy in Paris. He escaped without injury. An investigation by French officials showed that the explosion was caused by a hand grenade placed under the front fender of the car.

* February 5, 1981 Paris – As a result of bomb explosions, placed in the buildings of the American and French airline companies, one person was wounded and the buildings of the offices were considerably damaged.

* August 20, 1981 Paris – Early in the morning there was an explosion which damaged the building of the Parisian branch of «Alitalia” company.

* August 22, 1981 Paris – an explosion in the building of the Parisian branch of the «Olympic Airlines» company.

* September 24, 1981 Paris – Four Armenians stormed the Turkish Consulate General. As a result of this terrorist act, a security guard was killed, and the consul was seriously wounded. The terrorists held 56 hostages for a few hours. Although the terrorists were charged with the crime, all of them received record-breaking short jail terms.

* October 25, 1981 Paris –As a result of explosions at an upscale French restaurant Fuksna Champs Elyse (Champs Elysée) three employees were injured.

* October 26, 1981 Paris –A bomb exploded in a car specially parked next to the pharmaceutical store on the Champs Elyse.

* October 27, 1981 Paris – At Paris’ Roissy Airport a car was blown up in the parking lot. Nobody was hurt.

* October 27, 1981 Paris–The second bomb, placed in a trash can next to the crowded escalator at Roissy Airport blew up. No casualties were reported.

* November 5, 1981 Paris –A bomb exploded at the Parisian station “Gare de Lyon” injuring one person and damaging the luggage depot.

* November 14, 1981 Paris – A car parked next to Eiffel Tower was damaged as a result of the bomb explosion.

* November 14, 1981 Paris – A group of tourists, getting off a barge after tour along the river Seine, were met by a squall of grenades. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

* November 16, 1981 Paris –Two persons were injured as a result of bomb explosion in the luggage department of the “Gare de l’Est” station building , which also caused material loss.

* January 17, 1982 Paris – There was an explosion in one of departments of Paris Banks Association. The second explosive device was neutralized in “the Credit Lyons” department.

* January 19, 1982 Paris – There was an explosion in the building of the «Air France» company in the Congress Palace.

* July 21, 1982 Paris – 16 persons have got wounds in a result of explosion near the crowded cafe on Saint-Seurin square.

* July 26, 1982 Paris – Two women got wounds as a result of an explosion in “Pub de Saint-Germain”.

*August 2, 1982 Paris – Pierre Gulumian, the terrorist from ASALA, died in his Parisian apartment as a result of detonation of a bomb he was preparing himself.

* August 8, 1982 Paris – The special police unit deactivated a bomb that was found near the telephone center in the seventeenth district of Paris.

* January 22, 1983 Paris – The French police found 1 kg of explosives at the cash desk of Turkish airlines in the Orly airport.

* January 22, 1983 Paris – Two Armenian terrorists threw grenades at the branch of Turkish Airlines in Paris. Nobody sustained injuries, and one of militants was arrested.

A bomb blown up in the branch office of Turkish firm “Marmara Travel” killed Rhone Morina — the French secretary, and wounded other nine Frenchmen. As a result of explosion the building was seriously damaged.

*July 15, 1983 Paris – As a result of an explosion at the Orly airport’s cash desk of Turkish Airlines 8 people four French, two Turks, one American, one Swede were killed. Sixty bystanders were wounded. A twenty-nine year old Syrian-Armenian Varujan Karapetian, the head of ASALA branch in France, took part in the organization of the terrorist act. It was revealed that the bomb was to be blown up on board of the plane. Upon his release from the prison and moving to Armenia, Karapetian was met as the hero. At the present, he lives in Armenia, runs a business, is glorified by the Armenian government and Armenian public.

* October 1, 1983 Marseille –As a result of explosion of bomb the pavilions of the USSR, the USA were damaged by a blast wave at the International Trade Fair. One person died and twenty six were wounded.

* August 13, 1984 Lyons – At the Lyons railway station was let off an explosion which has caused insignificant loss.

* March 17, 1986 Lyons — -A bomb was blown up in the express train Lyons-Paris

This is not the complete list of acts of terrorism and murders committed by the Armenian terrorists on the territory of France.


Besides these crimes there are other actions against the French establishments and individual citizens which were committed outside of France.

Below are some of them:

* December 23, 1979 Rome, Italy –Three bombs exploded in front of Air France, and TWA offices in three different parts of downtown Rome. A dozen people were injured.

* November 12, 1981 Beirut, Lebanon – Armenian terrorists blew up three bombs at three French establishments in Beirut:

The Cultural Center of France;

The building of «Air France» Company;

The house of the French Consul.

The terrorists demanded Monte Melkonian’s release.

* August 10, 1983 Teheran, Iran – The car filled with an explosive was blown up at the French embassy in Teheran.

* August 17, 1983 Teheran, Iran – The representative of «Air France» in Teheran was fired upon while in his car.

* October 6, 1983 Teheran, Iran – The car of the French embassy was blown up in Teheran. Two passengers got injured.

* October 29, 1983 Beirut, Lebanon –The car drove up to the French embassy in Beirut, a terrorist got out of the car and threw a hand grenade at the embassy entrance stairs. The terrorist was apprehended by the representatives of security services, but his accomplices managed to escape.

*January 3, 1985 Beirut, Lebanon – The office of the France-press agency in the Western Beirut has been seriously damaged as a result of explosion.

As we see, in spite of the fact that the Armenian terrorists were in good graces of the French authorities at that time, they committed acts of terrorism against France and its citizens as well.