Similarities Between ASALA and ISIL

Rufiz Hafızoğlu, Trend News Agency's Head of Turkey and Middle East News Service, published an article pointing out the similarities between Armenian terrorist organization ASALA and ISIL.

As her regional and international policies continues to collapse, Armenia becomes more and more aggressive against neighboring countries.

Assuming herself as "the defender" of Christian values in the region, Armenia embraces a hostile attitude against her neighbors and considers destroying Turks and Muslims as her only reason of existence.

Countries in the region witnessed these when Armenia attempted to realize the dream of "Great Armenia" when Armenia occupied Azerbaijani territories in 1915.

While countries of the region, including Turkey and Azerbaijan, were treating members of all ethnicities as equals and providing democratic rights to all of their citizens, Armenian government continues to shape its ideology on the basis of the ideas of Garegin Njdeh (1886-1955).

Garegin Njdeh, who paved the way for the ethnical cleansing of the Turks who used the live in the geography of today's Armenia, had close relations with Nazi Germany.

Garegin chose the Nazi Germany's side during 2nd World War and joined Armenian National Front which was established in 1942.

Armenian political circles, who embraced the ideas of Njdeh, did not only adopt the Nazi ideology, but also enjoyed practicing these ideas successfully.

It is a fact that is known by whole world that so many Armenians, who are internationally known as terrorists, considered as national heroes in Armenia.

Besides that, it is seen that Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, which ceased its attacks long ago, has once again showed signs of activity.

ASALA performed one third of its terroristic attacks at airports around the world. And 50% of their attacks were targeting Turkish diplomats. They also attacked clerics and press. The organization made 110 terroristic acts and killed 42 Turkish diplomats.

There is no doubt that Armenian lobby and Armenia is behind the ASALA, which represents a threat not only for Turkey but for whole world.

Today, almost all countries in the world fight the terror that spreads from Middle East. But somehow, whole world is blind when it comes to the threat of Armenian terror.

If we consider the activities of terrorist organizations ASALA and ISIL, we see the similarities between the two cannot be ignored. The fundamental similarity between two terrorist organization is that their religion is terror.