International responsibility of Armenia

Since the late 80-s of last century, unfounded territorial claims of Armenia against the Republic of Azerbaijan and raising so-called Nagorno-Garabagh problem resulted with mass extermination of Azerbaijanis and their deportation from the historical lands where they lived for centuries, the destruction of cities and villages, monuments of material culture, and other actions aimed for destruction of the national gene pool.

As a result of the aggressive war conducted by the Armenians against the Azerbaijani people 20 thousand Azerbaijani were killed, more than 50 thousand people were injured and disabled. In addition, aggressive war made a terrible blow to the economy, which is calculated in billion manats. Thus, as a result of the war, the country's 20 per cent of the territory i.e.17 thousand square meters. km of territory was occupied, more than 1 million refugees and internally displaced person were forced to living in hard conditions. As a result of the war, Azerbaijan lost its more than 900 settlements, 100 thousand residential building, and more than 600 education and 250 medical institutions, and its 1000 economic facilities were destroyed. 


For all this the most serious criminal of the century, Armenia bears international liability not only before Azerbaijan, but in front of the whole world. Armenian crimes can be grouped under international conventions and resolutions as:

1.For aggression against Azerbaijan state and occupation of part of its territory (according to resolution "On the concept of aggression" adopted in 1974 by the UN);

2. For the deportation of the civilian population in occupied territories of Azerbaijan (according to the Geneva Convention of 1949 “On the protection of the civilian population");

3. Inhuman treatment with POW-s, torturing them, and depriving of them life (basing on the 1949 Geneva Convention “On treatment of POW");

4. For cruel treatment with injured and sick persons during armed conflicts and for having medical experiments on them (based on Geneva Convention "On protection of injured and sick at surface wars" and Additional Protocol I of 1977);

5. For the implementation of the policy of genocide against the Azerbaijanis (the Khojaly genocide, by convention of 1948, "Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide");

6. For restricting the freedom of movement of Azerbaijanis in own land, for violation the right to use their own property (on the basis of the European Convention 1950 “On the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms");

7. For not prevention of international crimes committed by the Armenian military criminals and not bringing of persons who committed crimes to liability (in accordance with paragraph 91of Additional Protocol I of Geneva Convention of 1977);

8. Besides financial and political responsibility of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the persons who committed international crimes during the conflict should be brought to the international criminal responsibility.

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