13 Syrian children killed in Aleppo, one week after 5yo Omran's video shocked the world

Thirteen children have been killed in Aleppo, one week after the world reacted in horror at video of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh sitting dazed and bloodied in an ambulance in the aftermath of an air strike in the Syrian city.

Eleven children, including an infant, were killed in a barrel bomb attack carried out by government forces on a rebel-held neighbourhood of eastern Aleppo.

Video of the aftermath of the incident shows rescue workers pulling out the lifeless bodies of children from under the rubble.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said two children were also killed in rebel shelling on government-held western Aleppo.

Footage of five-year-old Omran, who survived an air strike in Aleppo last week, was watched by millions, but nothing has changed on the ground in the northern Syrian city.

"The public attention may have faded after one week of the video and picture of Omran went viral, but Omran and the 85,000 children of besieged Aleppo are still suffering," Dr Zaher Sahloul from the United States-based Syrian American Medical society told the ABC.

Dr Sahloul and his colleagues working inside Aleppo were instrumental in bringing the story of little Omran to the world's attention.

He is frustrated that one week later, despite the global outrage, nothing has changed on the ground in the northern Syrian city.

"We can't blame ignorance or lack of information but we can blame our indifference," Dr Sahloul said.

"If the policy-makers are not moved by the pictures of Omran and other children, we have to make sure to hold them accountable.

"Syrian children deserve safe and happy life like our children."

A dead body is carried after a bomb attack