What do you know about Ganja, victim of Armenian aggression?

As a result of rocket and heavy artillery attacks by the Armenian armed forces on October 4, 11 and 17, 26 civilians, including 10 women and 6 children, were killed and 138 got injured in Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan and the center of ancient history and culture.  

Also, facilities, historical and cultural monuments, as well as vehicles were severely damaged.

By firing rockets at the ancient city of Ganja, the center of Azerbaijan's historical and cultural heritage, Armenia has once again demonstrated its long-standing policy of vandalism, targeting not only Azerbaijan but also the world's cultural heritage and universal values.

To inform the world community about the crimes committed by the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia, the Press Service of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan prepared videos titled "What do you know about Ganja, a victim of Armenian aggression?" in French, Spanish, German, Russian, English and Arabic.

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan will appeal to all international organizations to once again expose the aggressor nature of Armenia in the international arena and to impose sanctions under the international law against this aggressor state.