The victim children of Khojaly tragedy

63 children were killed by Armenians in Khojaly. Only 56 children`s identy have been defined so far.


1.Aghayev Allahverdi, 10 years old
2.Aghayarova Sevinge, 7 years old
3.Aghayev Nabi, 11 years old
4.Aghayarov Rahman, 6 years old
5.Abyshov Chingiz, 7 years old
6.Abyshova Chinare, 10 years old
7.Allahverdiyev Bahram, 16 years old
8.Allahverdiyev Mahir, 18 years old
9.Aslanova Elnare, 14 years old
10.Jaffarov Nusrat, 17 years old
11.Jaffarov Samir, 5 years old
12.Chobanova Nezaket, 8 years old
13.Aliyev Elchin, 10 years old
14.Aliyev Elgiz, 8 years old
15.Aliyev Sabuhi, 14 years old
16.Aliyev Salim, 7 years old
17.Alekperov Sexavet, 8 years old
18.Azimov Natig, 6 years old
19.Amirova Yegane, 6 years old
20.Hassanov Elgun, 4 years old
21.Hassanova Aygun, 1 year old
22.Husseinov Rajab, 8 years old
23.Husseinova Shabnam, 6 years old
24.Husseinov Mahsar, 1 year old
25.Hassanova Latafat, 16 years old
26.Humbatova Simuzar, 16 years old
27.Humbatov Anahid, 13 years old
28.Husseinov Emin, 17 years old
29.Husseinova Nasiba, 10 years old
30.Husseinova Maral, 7 years old
31.Husseinova Saadet, 18 years old
32.Khalilova Lale, 4 years old
33.Guliyeva Revane, 13 years old
34.Guliyev Shakir, 7 years old
35.Guliyeva Nurane, 11 years old
36.Ganbarova Esmira, 7 years old
37.Ganbarov Emin, 6 years old
38.Guliyev Vugar, 17 years old
39.Guliyev Samir, 2 years old
40.Guliyeva Sevinge, 7 years old
41.Mammadov Jeyhun, 17 years old
42.Mammadov Niyametdin, 14 years old
43.Mammadov Zahir, 17 years old
44.Mehdiyeva Gulmira, 3 years old
45.Mehdiyeva Aysel, 5 years old
46.Muradova Ayshen, 1 year old
47.Orujova Metanet, 17 years old
48.Orujov Janan, 16 years old
49.Orujova Xayale, 6 years old
50.Orujova Natavan, 3 years old
51.Salimov Khazar, 18 years old
52.Safiyev Sarvan, 1 year old
53.Usubov Elshad, 18 years old
54.Valiyev Aghasif, 4 years old
55.Zeynalova Aynure, 6 years old
56.Yusifova Natavan, 4 years old

23 years have passed since Armenians committed genocide in Khojaly town of Azerbaijan.

Armenian armed forces, with the help of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment of Russia occupied the Azerbaijani town of Khojaly and slaughtered civilians on the night of February 25-26, 1992.

Armenian military units, with the help of the 366th Motorized Rifle Regiment of the USSR based in Khankendi attacked on Khojaly on February 25, 1992. 2500 Khojaly residents, who remained in the encircled town, began to move towards Aghdam. But Armenians attacked on them from ambush. 613 civilians, as well as 63 children, 106 women and 70 old people were killed atrociously, 8 families were killed, 25 children lost both of their parents, 130 one of them, 487 were wounded (76 of them are children), 1275 were captured, 150 were missing.

The property of the state and people was damaged in the amount of 5 billion roubles in real price of 01.04.1992