Chornology and consequences of the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan


1990-1992 – Nagorno Karabakh district ( area of the district was 4,4 thousands km² with the territories of  Shusha, Khojvand, Asgaran, Hadrut, Aghdara districts and Khankandy town until 1991) of Azerbaijan was occupied by Armenian armed forces. Besides it,  in that period as a result of the military aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan, 7 villages (Baghanis-Ayrim, Yukhary Askipara, Ashagy Askipara, Kheyrimly, Gizil Hajily, Sofulu, Barkhudrarly) of Gazakh district  was fired and destroyed by Armenian armed forces. 6500 people became internally displaced from the occupied lands. Currently, approximately 8% of 75 residential points of Gazakh region, whose area is 699 km², was invaded.

Additionally, in this period 1 residential point out of 221 in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, whose territory was 5.368 km², a part of Sadarak district (0,5%) and Karki village were invaded (January 19, 1990). Number of internally displaced people in the occupied territories was 347.

Sum of 1988-1993 – Armenian armed forces, who achieved establishment of mono-ethnic country, through using assistance of the patron countries occupied Lachyn, Kalbajar, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Jabrayil, Qubadly and Zangilan districts, which are situated outside the Nagorno Karabakh region and 4 times bigger than its territory. All these territories were subjected to ethnic cleaning by Armenians. In this period, as a result of the military agression of Armenia, more than 1 million people ( 15% of the population) became refugees and IDPs, and 20% of the Azerbaijani territories were occupied.

Aghdam district. Area – 1150 km² ( 846,7 km², in other words, 77,4% territory of the district is under occupation).

Number of the occupied towns, settlement and villages: 1 town, 80 villages. Currently, Guzanly settlement and 10 villages (247 km²- 22,6% of the district) are under control of Azerbaijan and more than 90 thousand of people live in those territories (37 thousand of local people, 53 thousand of IDP).  

Fuzuli district. Area – 1390 km² (1112 km² is under occupation). Number of the occupied towns, settlements and villages: 1 town, 1 settlement, 58 villages. Horadiz settlement and 22 villages,  600 km² of the territory was liberated and is controlled by Azerbaijan. 114452 people (65545 local, 50 thousand IDP) live in the new established 12 settlements and 21 villages.

Tartar district. Aghdara district of the Republic of Azerbaijan was abolished with the decision number 327 of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan on October 13, 1992. According to this decision, Aghdara town and 13 villages ( Umudlu, Zaylik, Metsshen, Mohratagh, Aghabayalanj, Maghavuz, AkopKamary, Mingrelsk, Nerkin, Oratagh, Gasapet, Janyatag, Damirly, Gulyatag), which were within the territory of Aghdara district, and their lands were given to the administration of Tartar district and currently, are under occupation.

Khojavand district. Currently only Nargiztapa part (114 thousand km²) of Khojavand district  in Nagorno Karabakh is controlled by Azerbaijan.

This aggression policy of Armenians this time also was accompanied by mass massacres. Thus, in 1988-1993 as a result of the Armenian aggression, 20000 Azerbaijanis perished, more than 100 thousands of people were wounded, and 50000 people became disable with injures. During the conflict 4853 people were missed, 1357 of them were freed, 783 of them still are in captivity in Armenia. According to the information of Red Cross Committee 439 people died in captivity.


Elchin Ahmadov