22 years pass since occupation of Kalbajar by Armenia
22 years have passed since the occupation of Kalbajar by Armenian armed forces.

Kalbajar was occupied after the long battles on April 2, 1993. 

Kalbajar, the region of 1936 square km and located outside Nagorno Karabakh, was the scene of torture of innocent people by the Armenian invaders. 511 peaceful residents were killed, 321 were taken captive or became missing, and 58 thousand were displaced. 130 settlements in Kalbajar went into the control of Armenians. 97 schools, 9 kindergartens, 116 libraries, 43 clubs, 42 cultural houses, 9 hospitals and 13,000 private houses were destroyed, 37,852 ha forests, the natural resources, including gold deposits were plundered. Kalbajar’s economy lost 703.528 million rubles (prices of that period) as a result of occupation of Kalbajar.

Armenians destroyed Albanian temple in Vang village, Albanian church (Hasan Jamal church) in Cherekdar, Lok fortress in Ganlikend, Ulukhan fortress in Garajanli, Albanin church on Tartar River, fortresses of Galabonu, Jomerd, Keshikchi, mosques in the town of Kalbajar and Otaqli Village, Taglidash Bridge over the Tartar River, museum of history and ethnography, Ashig Shamshir Cultural House, Seyid Asadullah shrine in Soyudly summer field of Kalbajar region.


After the occupation of Kalbajar region, UN Security Council adopted resolution 822 and demanded withdrawal of all invasion forces from Kalbajar and other occupied regions of Azerbaijan, but despite that the resolution and other three adopted later were not fulfilled.


Contrary to the UN and OSCE principles, Armenians have started their artificial settlement inKalbajar since 1999.