The World about armenians

Armenians have excited bad thoughts since ancient time and there is no doubt that there have been a number of reasons for that, if not such thought would never have developed on the whole people and in different periods…

…only Armenians are able to cause a sensation by any reason. In case they are not allowed to any house, or their mean plans are revealed or their thieves are brought to trial they not only cause sensation themselves but also involve the most stupid and betraying people of other nations to this process.

Russian investigator V.L.Velichko. from the work “Caucasus”

“Armenians destroyed Georgian temples and monasteries, scraped Georgian scripts on the stones and removed the stone from the establishment and replace them with Armenian scripts.

Georgian writer and activist I.Chavchavadze

Do not allow the resettlement of Armenians to the Russian lands. They are such people that will declare Russia their native lands in ten years after having been settled.

From the letter of A.S.Griboyedov addressed to Russian emperor.

Armenia did not make any contribution to the world history, its name was the geographical term inhabited by Armenians and was the place of conflict settlement of strong states-Assyria, Midia, Iran, Greece, Mongolia and Russia.

P. Kerop Patkanov.Van inscriptions and their significance for the history of Minor Asia. 1981, pp. 36-37, imitated from the book of Magda Neyman “Armenia”, 1899. 

I have never managed to get to grips with them. Their cunning is too foul, meanness too unbearable and infamy too regretful.

French traveler Count De-Sholye

Armenians tried to suck blood of the local inhabitants. Not satisfied with that new arrived Armenians conducted the policy of spoiling the fame of the local Muslim population to further drive them out from the lands and settle in these regions.

Russian investigator V.L.Velichko. Russian affair and inter-tribe issues. Complete set of publicistic works. Volume 1 , 1904.

1 million out of 1 million and 300 thousand of Armenians, residing in Transcaucasia were not aboriginal residents and they came there from our lands.

N.I.Shavrov. New challenges to Russian business in the Transcaucasus – upcoming sale of Mugan to aliens. S-Petersburg. 1911, p. 59-61.

That church was the nest of false money coiners for a definite period. I regard this monastery rather as a political center than a religious one.

French scientist de-Ban. On a visit to the Echmiadzin church.

Have you ever heard of the national hero of Armenia? Where was there struggle for freedom reflected? Nowhere! Their national heroes have rather been the executers of Armenian people than their liberators.

Memoirs of Russian diplomat general Mayevsky From the book “Mass bloodshed committed by Armenians”.

The corpses of Muslim peasants stuck to bayonets, cut parts of body and disemboweled internals were scattered on the roads leading to the villages…There were of mainly women or children! Rulers and property owners arranged the murders and Armenian army committed them. Deep holes were dug and innocent people cut like animals were thrown into it one by one. Armenians responsible for murder filled a house with eighty Muslims and cut their heads off.

From the report of Colonel-lieutenant Gryaznov on Arzindjan bloodsheds of 1915.
Armenian executers killed Muslims with bayonets and axes in the areas surrounding Arzindjan on March 11-12. These barbarians mainly threw their victims to the holes dug for their ominous plans. My aide counted 200 of such ditches and the crimes were uncovered.

From the information of 1915 of Russian army general L.Odishe Litsenze

“High schools and even primary colleges in other words all Armenian schools of European capitals turned to the centers of the lively activity of Armenian propagandists. Patriotic praising poems and songs, sharp satire and fables became ingrained in the passionate souls of teen-agers from the teachers” environment and excited hatred towards unpleasant ruling of Muslims and the fantastic illusion about the future that is not known to anyone. Thus, within the shortest period of time (3-4 years) the arrogant and obstinate young generation was brought up prepared for bloody heroism for protection of the illusion created by them…”

Memories of Russian diplomat general Mayevsky. From the book “The Massacres conducted by Armenians”.

The history of Karabakh dates back to the ancient times. This region is one of the historical lands of Azerbaijan. It is the important political, cultural and moral center of Azerbaijan…The defamed Karabakh problem was created by Armenians on the basis of false ideas.
Samuel A. Uims “The secrets of the terrorist Christian country of Armenia”, series of Armenian trickeries, the first volume.

“We are the witnesses of the Khodjaly tragedy. We saw the mutilated corpses of the Khodjaly defenders, innocent women, children and old people with our own eyes…As Armenians centered fire on us we were not able to finish the shooting. Yet all that we saw from the height was enough to imagine the committed barbarism. That was a picture of which one”s hair stands on end. Armenians who killed with great cruelty 5-6 year old, infants and pregnant women could not be rivaled by anyone in the world”.

The witness of Khodjaly tragedy French reporter Jean Iv Yunet.

…Most were taken refugees. However, they did not fit for living. In winter they were brought barefooted on snow. They poured cold water on the top of their heads, broke glass on them and then brought them back to the cells.